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Don Dada Studio BBC Ideas

BBC Ideas:
How the humble bean can help the world

Beans are highly versatile, nutritious, cheap and great for the environment. Here’s why the future is looking decidedly beany.

Featuring creative character designs and backgrounds, the animation focuses on sustainability and how it affects our planet. With a run time of only 4.5 minutes, our short animation is sure to be a hit with viewers of all ages. Get ready to be inspired and entertained with this unique and captivating animation.

Design, animation and sound FX by @dondadastudio




BBC Ideas




Design, sound design & Animation Don Dada Studio

Don Dada Studio BBC Ideas
24_waterlevels_BP_169_V01 (0-00-12-04).jpg
Don Dada Studio BBC Ideas
Don Dada Studio BBC Ideas

Character designs

Don Dada Studio BBC Ideas

Early styleframes

indonesia background explorations.jpg
17_DANCINGBEANS_AZ_169_V01 (0-00-09-19).jpg
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