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Food Foundation:
Nourishing the Nation


We were approached by the Food Foundation charity to create an animated short film to complement their campaign aimed at enhancing the nation’s health and economy.


The emphasis was on highlighting the importance of ensuring that everyone can afford and access nutritious food.

This project was a source of great joy for us to be involved in, as access to healthy, fresh food is an essential aspect of life nationwide.

From conceptualization to the completion of the animation, we collaborated closely with ambassadors and policymakers to ensure that we portrayed a diverse and achievable utopian future where healthy food is availiable to everyone.

Design, animation and sound FX by @dondadastudio




Food Foundation




Creative direction & Animation Don Dada Studio
Voice over 
 Abdul and Habiba 

Early styleframes

TOUCH copy.jpg

Character designs

COLOUR_Woman in Wheelchair.jpg
24_Parliament_FF_169_AZ_V01 (00063).jpg
Don Dada Studio, Food Foundation

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